Rectools yudo


* The bug when loading files is fixed
* Marker extension
* Quick start feature addition
* Bug fixes
* Speed improvements
* Code improvements
* And much more


Title Rectools02
Release April 24, 2009
Device iPhone / iPod touch(2nd)
Category Music
Rating 4+
Copyright Yudo inc.

ABOUT Rectools02

PRODUCTS INFOMATION Yudo rectools is a stereo compatible linear PCM recorder that is perfectly suited for recording live concerts, your surroundings, meetings and much more. Unlike WMA or MP3 rectools uses a linear PCM format which means that no data will get lost due to compression. The original sound will stay intact, with rectools it’s possible to make recordings with the same high quality as a music CD. Furthermore rectools is tested and compatible with several external 3rd party iPhone/iPod microphones. Also an optional limiter that protects you from sound deformation due to too load input and a high pass filter that filters away low frequencies is adapted. Moreover rectools includes a wave editor which makes it possible to easily process and edit your recordings.


44.1khz 16bit Stereo Recording (CD quality)

note that If you use the inbuilt microphone you can only make mono recordings.

Wave editing

Recorded material can easily be processed and edited.


To prevent deformed sound due to too load input. Holds the volume under a fixed threshold.

High pass filter

Removes sounds below low frequency sounds below 300hz like noise from the air or other low frequency sounds that is taken up by the microphone.

Input Gain

Control the volume of your input.
(Notice that this is done in software and not before the analog to digital conversion)


Listen while you are recording.


Put markers at important places within your recording and access them easily later.


Send your recorded data via WI-FI to a computer in the same network as your iPhone/iPod


Supported formats for recording: Linear PCM (WAV) 44.1Khz/16 bit 22.05Khz/16 bit 11.025Khz/16 bit in either stereo or mono.

Recording time: Record up to 12 hours (depending on free space)


Tested and works with: iPodTouch(2nd) + Apple’s In-Ear headphones with remote and mic / The iPhone microphone / Alesis’s ProTrack / Logitec’s LIC-iREC01 / Tunewear’s TUNEWEAR Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod / Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod.

Logitec - LIC-iREC01

The LIC-iREC01 from Logitec of Japan brings microphone functionality to your iPod, no matter the generation. All you need to do is plug it to the connector located on your iPod and hook up virtually any audio source to it and you’re good to go. Heck, you can also use its stereo microphone to take down impromptu voice notes if you’re one who is prone to forgetfulness. The inclusion of a miniUSB port is a nice touch, as it allows you to synchronize your iPod as well as providing a charge when connected. If only it came in a variety of colors to match your iPod’s body.



The simple model which is perfectly suited for meetings.



The standard model records live performances, your surroundings, meetings etc. A general purpose recorder with high quality.



The multi channel model with its intuitive user interface makes it easy to produce music with your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Rectools PROJECT Rectools is a next generation handheld audio production studio which makes fully use of the iPhone / iPodTouch interface. It let’s you not just create but edit and process music and sound directly with your fingertip.We are currently developing a multi track version of rectools that we plan to release in may 2009. We are also planning to make synthesizers, a drum machine, effects and much more in the near future.